Development of the Ultimate Mom & Baby Handbags

 The idea

 With all the decisions that need to be made around the birth of your baby, what bag to carry around to transport baby’s multitude of paraphernalia doesn’t seem like it should be a big decision… But it is important that motherhood should not redefine your sense of self and personal style.That is why, at Baby Sense, producing a nappy bag was not a quick and easy process as we were adamant to assist moms to seamlessly integrate their former life and style into motherhood.

So with this in mind and not forgetting that mom’s mobile phone, purse, sunglasses, lipstick and your special Vida 70% cacao chocolate, should also fit somewhere in this bag (who wants to carry around a handbag AND baby bag?) we teamed up with an amazing design team  to come up with the best solution.


The Design




Thinking back to the days when my two were babies, I yearned for a glamorous, super chick version of a Mary Poppins bag. As many other moms, I opted to ditch the typical diaper bag for a trendy tote or satchel that’s large enough to become THE nappy bag or at least my version of it. Although a giant empty chest sounds like a fantastic idea for a nappy bag, the practicality of it is questionable.  While practicality may not have been a selling feature before, motherhood turns your world upside down and makes you realize utility is actually pretty awesome.


Effortless Style



And so the style with functionality trend (as we like to call it) was born.  Looking at brands like Mama & Little that are designing swoon-worthy jewellery that doubles as a teether and Baby Sense’s own carrier wraps that are now stylized enough, it is clear that motherhood can still be a fashion statement.  And so with our new Mom & Baby Handbag, we hope to help moms celebrate their unique style and carry it through motherhood.


Ultimate function





The Baby Sense collection of Mom & Baby Handbags are stylish enough to pair with the hottest stilettos, yet practical enough to keep baby stocked for a long day out. Chick and practical, offering a designer look that can be mixed and matched with every stroller and outfit. With timeless designs that will look fabulous way past babyhood, it does not compromise function over style – with features such as a padded changing mat, lots of pockets, built-in thermos-insulated bottle holder, stroller straps and much more.

Make this handbag part of your journey as a parent and way beyond. Never leave the house without it.

Stay true to your fabulous self, mom!